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  • Added by: timothy111 @ 29 Jan 2011 12:10
    With the commencement Cabal
    Launched the switch up and down conversion perspective, players are free to watch the sky, beautiful scenery and the sea. now more emphasis on the screen online games brilliant, while ignoring the rich content of its games for the players this is the greatest sorrow, deep boring game allows players to upgrade the Kanguai PK this vicious circle, until the game is boring and delete numbers that leave.This Games not only on the screen even better than the other games in the operational aspects of the game is designed to be user-friendly, task features not only GPS navigation system similar toLake of the evening - even the library of the Tower of Sage, could not find this piece of the legendary detailed description of the land. Old people can not complete the narrative where everything will be extracted from the literature dilapidated, generally get the following answer: the people entrenched in this old beast, where established to witchcraft, black magic and deadly weapons of the original civilization. cabal moneyThe loss of all morality and conscience, only killing the biological instinct. They consist of many tribes, many species composition, at first fought each other, killing each other for petty profits. Because they are so degrading and stupid, Niewaleisi residents did not looked down on them, left to its own devices. But suddenly one day, these creatures together unexpectedly launched an attack to humans. The sudden war in human life, accustomed to stable surprise. Countl ...

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